Gate Argument Yo.jpg


dir. Philip Barantini

Produced by: Ascendant Films

Role: Co-Composition alongside David Joachim Ridley


I composed the score for this feature debut by Philip Barantini alongside my composing partner David Ridley. It's a brooding and gritty indie crime drama that tells the story of the release of Eddie Franks, a former criminal, after 20 years in prison. Exploring the emotional impact the prison time has had with his family and daughter, Eddie's story begins to unravel as he is drawn back into his past criminal ways.

We created a rich sound-world that aimed to encapsulated the strong but damaged character of Eddie.  While we wanted an emotionally broad, contemporary sound to reflect his gravitas, we also needed to ensure that the music felt physical and organic to capture the gritty setting of the film.  We decided to utilise a palate that focused primarily on the Bass Clarinet, Cello and Textural Electronics.